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Welcome to SingGhee.com the home of Singapore’s leading beancurd manufacturer. Sing Ghee provides retailers and wholesalers daily fresh premium soybean products.

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About Us

Established in 1960, Sing Ghee Beancurd Manufacturer specializes in the manufacturing and processing of firm beancurd (tau kwa). Sing Ghee started out as a small enterprise and has since grown to be amongst Singapore’s leading beancurd manufacturers. We continually practice stringent quality control and use premium-grade soybeans in our production.

Catering to an expanding community, Sing Ghee is constantly striving to meet customers’ needs. Here at Sing Ghee, we offer freshly made soybean products that will cater to the taste of today’s customers. State-of-the-art machinery combined with a long-established recipe tweaked to suit the health conscious is our formula for success.

In 2017, Sing Ghee branched out into supplying different kinds of grocery items through its subsidiary company, Sing Ghee Groceries. With Sing Ghee Groceries, we strive to satisfy customers’ demand for varied products with our expanded product line of grocery items.

Our Products

At Sing Ghee, we specialize in manufacturing firm beancurd of different sizes. Our halal-certified firm beancurds are made in a hygienic environment, using the latest machinery and equipment. Besides manufacturing firm beancurd, we also produce various kinds of soybean products such as soybean milk, soybean pudding (tau huay), etc.

Our staff are trained to exercise quality control in the manufacturing process, upholding the reputation Sing Ghee has achieved among our peers in the soybean products industry. In addition, we only use premium-grade ingredients in our soybean products. Our soybean products are freshly made, which is suitable for the health-conscious consumers.

For customers with special occasions or requirements, Sing Ghee will cater to your needs by supplying soybean products of your request.

Kindly contact us for details, if you wish to find out more about our soybean products.

For more information on our product line of grocery items, please visit Sing Ghee Groceries.

Our Services

We cater to government tenders and wholesalers. We also supply to local wet markets, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.

Sing Ghee’s products are made fresh daily in our factory. In addition, we provide vacuum packaging to ensure the utmost freshness of our products when delivered. 

For more information, please contact any of our sales personnel.


Sing Ghee is looking for people with passion and commitment to learn the trade of making soybean products. We welcome interested job seekers to join us.

You will be trained with the right skills to do your job well and can look forward to exposure and development opportunities.

Please send us your resume at info@singghee.com

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